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  • thaw Elk roast fully

  • mix pressed garlic, minced garlic, pepper, salt and creole in the olive oil.

  • Brush or massage rub onto the roast, wrap tightly with plastic wrap and let sit over night in the fridge.

  •  Remove the roast from the fridge and inject 6-8oz of beef broth throughout the roast.

  • Wrap the bacon around the roast and secure with tooth picks. (the grease from the bacon will soak down into the lean elk meat making it tender)

  • Let the roast sit at room temperature for 30-40 minutes

  • Preheat smoker to 225 – if this is a charcoal smoker you will want to wait until the charcoal turns white and ashy. To prepare your smoker be sure to fill the water drip pan with beer or water.

  • Once the smoker has reached 225 place the roast in the middle of the smoker and let it sit for an hour and 45 minutes – 2 hrs or until the roast has reached an internal temperature of 155. (you will roughly need 1 hr for every lb of meat – I smoked my roast which was 1.58lbs and it took just over 2 hrs.)

  • Slice roast thin and serve as a roast elk sandwich or a French dip – ENJOY!!

Smoked Elk Roast


1.58lb roast

4 cloves of garlic pressed

3 TBSP minced garlic

1TBSP pepper

½ TBSP Salt

½ TBSP creole

3 TBSP Olive Oil

½ lb Bacon

beef broth



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